Our Vision

Create the most rewarding trading experiences.

Our Mission

Empower brokers to deliver a holistic, customer-centric trading experience via a powerful, turnkey solution that seamlessly manages all aspects of today’s highly demanding online trading landscape.

Our Values


In a sphere where security and trust are essential and can determine the fine line between success and failure, our solution is rigorously designed to be reliable, predictive, and tailored to offer the best user experience.


The Logiq Labs team is committed to always operating with complete integrity and transparency, both internally and in communication with clients and other stakeholders.


A desire for success drives us forward and anticipating the market’s needs is one of our main goals. Our team is dedicated to making creative visions a reality and delivering excellent experiences, products, and services to any type of user.


The work we do is more than a job. Each role our individuals carry out is infused with passion and a genuine personal interest in the task at hand.


Working in an industry that is advancing rapidly and which never stands still, innovation and the courage to attempt new things are at the heart of our company ethos.


We make tough and sometimes controversial decisions on a daily basis and every aspect of our work must strive towards excellence and continuous improvement.

Where We Are


Located in one of the hubs of the global FinTech movement, our team in Israel has its finger on the pulse and is the focal point of our operations.

Where We Are


Our research and development team is based in Ukraine which has become Europe’s #1 IT outsourcing and software development powerhouse

Where We Are


Our office in Romania is located in the hearth of Bucharest, Romania’s main business and financial hub. Our teams there are focused on growing our clients’ businesses through innovative approaches in the ever changing online environment.

Leading Excellence Into a New Era

Amy Marlow

Human Resources VP
Amy has over 15 years of experience in human resource roles in global companies, and an MBA in HR. On a personal level, Amy’s love for baking bread and cookies for her family is equaled only by her passion for mentoring people and watching their growth, both in and out of working hours.

Simon Matan

VP Creative
I have more than 20 years of creative design and product design Experience. I help employees from across the company strengthen their creative thinking muscle, and approaching challenges from numerous creative viewpoints. Throughout my work, I am guided by my love for creative thinking, design and branding. I am driven by the excitement that emanates from creating unique solutions and the satisfaction derived from seeing their business value take shape.

Andreea Manea

Content Operations Manager
I enjoy making creative visions a reality and working with people who are just as passionate about Marketing. There is never a dull moment in FinTech industry and learning something new every day is just another bonus that comes with the job.

Itzy Sabo

Itzy has over 20 years of hi-tech management experience in software engineering and product management positions, at start-ups and established companies. He loves applying technology creatively to make a difference in people's lives. His hobby is developing software -- something he doesn't do enough of at work.

Iryna Koinak

PMO Director
As a PMO Director, Iryna oversees the company's business projects and ensures they are completed on time, within budget, and at the highest quality. She has over 12 years in the delivery of web, mobile, and IT infrastructure solutions and her goal is to take the business results to new highs through continuous improvement of management practices.

Michael Melnykov

When I am not busy taking acting lessons or making short Insta-videos, I’m leading Logiq Labs' R&D department. My work experience has seen me accrue over 15 years in software engineering and leading development teams in high paced agile environments.

Reut Beker

CRM Group Product Manager
She started out as a computer geek developing websites and mobile applications. However, she always felt that spending the majority of her day in front of a screen writing code was not a good match for her dynamic personality. Five years ago, she found her calling in the Product Management field. In her free time, Reut likes traveling, exercising and interior design.

Serhii Ivashko

Director of R&D Group (Tradelogiq)
I’m proud of my strong track record in developing trading and payment solutions in the fintech sphere, and I am now responsible for six teams within the Tradelogiq Group. Thanks to my more than eight years of back end development experience, I know very well that software engineering is a never-ending puzzle, and after all this time, I am still totally passionate about solving it.