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Human Resources 07.29.2021
The Best HR Strategy To Employ Post-Covid

Introduction There is no question that the Coronavirus has changed the work environment enormously.  This change has also had a direct impact on how companies need to approach their HR st

Amy Marlow

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Trading Analysis 05.05.2021
How Can You Analyze the Market?

Introduction Trading, the opportunity and the risk. All you have to do is to invest in a stock and wait for its value to rise. You can also invest in one of your favorite currencies and wait for t

Daniel Fogel

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Software Development 04.30.2021
The Single Responsibility Principle

Many of you will be familiar with SOLID as it is one of the fundamental design principles in object-oriented software development. The five principles that make up SOLID are as follows: Single Res

Michael Melnykov

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Active Trading 04.30.2021
Why Active Trading is the Future

The idea of a “passive income” has become a highly sought after, aspirational ideal, but most people don’t even realise what it means. Yes, it would be great to earn an additional “passive” income th

Andreea Manea

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