Actionable Data-Driven Insights

TradeLogiq BI allows you to confidently take control of all facets of operations with detailed intelligence that delivers a complete overview of where you are. This data empowers fact-based strategies and decision-making that no longer need to be overly influenced by instincts or gut feelings.

A Holistic Approach

BI is drawn from many sources and covers all core business operations. By integrating data from marketing, CRM, and trading systems, a clear, comprehensive picture is created that serves as the foundation from which your people can make better-informed decisions that strive towards excellence.

A Technological Advantage

In an industry as competitive and fast-moving as trading, BI enables your brokerage and marketing to harness advanced insights that allow you to spot new market trends earlier. Armed with the power of reliable BI data, you can respond to these shifts ahead of time and drastically improve your performance.

Analytical Platform for Brokers & Affiliates

Stay in complete control of upper funnel marketing information, such as campaigns, costs, conversions, and ROAS. Track your ad runway with optimized campaign and ads data. Follow every step of the customer LTV through an advanced CRM that delivers real-time data on all customer and trading behavior.