Unlimited Trading

Retail traders are new to the party, but they often come heavily informed and with big expectations. The TradeLogiq platform delivers an unparalleled trading experience that marries superior UI with an extensive array of opportunities both in terms of the asset portfolios available and the action types.

Advanced Customer Interaction

In a highly competitive market, only the most exceptional platforms are able to acquire and then successfully retain their traders. TradeLogiq employs advanced automated marketing systems and a fully integrated CRM to ensure that your traders are kept fully engaged and involved through all stages of their investment journeys.

Ahead of the Game

A fully holistic approach implies going beyond simply delivering the best possible customer-focused trading platform. The TradeLogiq solution empowers brokers to do precisely this with a complete end-to-end service that features tech-driven BI (business intelligence) designed to take your brokerage to the next level of trading.