There is no question that the Coronavirus has changed the work environment enormously.  This change has also had a direct impact on how companies need to approach their HR strategy.

During the first phase of the coronavirus, everything was uncertain, and employees were afraid to take big decisions and held firmly to their jobs. When the seas are rough and the waves are high, most people wi

ll hold on to their lifeboats and won’t jump into the cold water. However, as things progressed, it soon became apparent that working from home could almost be as productive as working from the office. 

Now, as a new kind of normality comes to the world, the labor market has started to shift to a new place. Employees have begun to think about their career development in this new landscape that encourages remote working. And at the same time, many of the companies that prospered during the pandemic are ramping up their recruitment processes.

These changes to the way people work have placed more importance than ever on having optimal HR strategies in place. With employees now having more and new opportunities to choose from, good HR is essential to retain your best employees and recruit new ones. 

What kind of HR strategy should be adopted? 

It all starts with empathy. Companies need to ensure that their current and potential employees feel they are respected and appreciated. Employers must put themselves in their employees’ shoes and understand what is important to them. Furthermore, organizations should react to their employees’ desires even if they can’t always give them what they want. Sometimes, the simple act of feeling listened to is what they really need. 

Here are five ways a company can embrace the caring attitude: 

  1. In the pre-employment phase, caring means having the ability to understand and clearly express to the candidate how they could progress professionally in their new company. The hiring process should recognize the career goals of potential employees and show them how these can be achieved. 
  1. Once a new hire has been made official, companies should put a structured onboarding process in place that makes the new starter feel connected to the manager and their new team. If the position is being carried out remotely, even more effort should be made to make the new employee feel part of their new organization.
  1. A great way to ensure that employees feel appreciated and cared for is to have structured one-on-one meetings as an integral part of the working schedule. Managers should have these meetings regularly, and the topics discussed during these meetings must go beyond work. Employees need to feel that they are thought of as individuals, not just for the work they do when on the clock. In addition, HR should meet the employee at least once a quarter for status updates.
  1. The company should create an environment of trust where employees feel safe to share personal situations, and the company should react to any such requests accordingly.
  1. The time in which we live now is defined by uncertainty. Companies should commit to being transparent at all times with employees. As much information as possible should be shared with everyone, even if it does not affect them directly. This way, they feel a part of something larger, and it increases their trust in the organization—the greater the trust – the greater the engagement. 

Employing a HR strategy that places a strong emphasis on showing that you care for your employees as people has been proven to lead to better recruitment and higher retention rates. This, in turn, creates a happier working environment and a place where others will want to work too.

At Logiq Labs, we believe that our company is only as strong as the people within it and the connections that exist between us. Work is clearly important, but it is usually only done well and with passion when the person doing that job is recognized and appreciated for who they are as an individual.

In the times in which we live today, this focus on individuals and creating a true sense of team by bringing them together is more important than ever before.

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